Thursday, July 8, 2010

Huffman Cousins’ Reunion—July, 2010

Our initial “ cousins’ “ reunion was held in Lexington, KY, on the weekend of July 4th. Nineteen attended and Tom came the greatest distance (Utah). John Paul was next (Texas).
Robert E. Huffman’s descendants, Robert and Laura came from Knoxville.
Lois Elizabeth (Anderson) descendants, Mary Barbara and fiancé’ Joe Reed drove from Shelbyville
Roy S. Huffman’s family, John Paul (Texas) and his brother Tom’s family—Tom (Utah), Leslie (Knoxville), Kevin and Marsha (VA Beach), Karen and Jeff with Ben, Phillip and Sarah attended from Knoxville.
Hugh L. Huffman, Sr.’s family: Hugh and Pat (Lexington, KY) and Lorene’s children—James and Merrily (AL), and Kenneth (VA) were present.

Over the course of the weekend we gathered to eat as a family. From Saturday’s make your own sandwiches for lunch to grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner to Sunday’s purchased chicken and bar-b-cue and pizza at Joe Bologna’s, we had a grand time. Folks went to various events during the day and returned for the meals. Four went to Keeneland’s track kitchen for breakfast and a walk-through of the horse barns—even giving a couple of horses a peppermint provided by an attendant. One group renewed acquaintance with Berea and found grandparents’ graves and toured campus. Another set went to the KY Horse Park and saw the Arabian Horse exhibit on loan from Saudia Arabia. Several of us walked through the UK Arboretum, too. And of course, a good contingent went to the Fireworks display in downtown Lexington.

We had a grand time looking through photo albums and learning how each of us is related. Be sure to ask Tom about his flight adventures (delayed, then canceled and delayed again) through Houston, and Bob about his PPE (purple paper eater) and its featured handout from the Knoxville Recycling Coalition (‘Bob and the Purple Paper Eater’).

Waiting for a table at Joe B’s.
Front to back: Pat, Kenneth, James, Mary Barbara, Joe, Phillip, Karen, Laura, Bob, Merrily (?), and Tom. Other cousins are behind the photographer.
l-r: Kenneth, Pat, Marsha, Kevin, Leslie, John

So remember the ground rules—when one of us feels the urge to host a reunion, it will be that cousin’s responsibility to arrange the location, date, any other incidentals and then communicate to the rest of the family. This means that the traditional first Saturday in August will not likely be the day for our gathering and the location will also vary! Pat has constructed a file with email addresses…just let us know when you’d like a copy!
We look forward to the next event! Affectionately, Hugh and Pat

(Now a note from Ashley...If you read this and you attended the reunion, please send me your pictures. I'm sure everyone would enjoy seeing more pictures from the event. Also, if you weren't able to go to the reunion, but you'd like to tell everyone hello...Guess what? You can do that too! Just send me an email at I can post your update easily! THANKS in advance for your contribution!)

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