Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hugh Huffman's Mother's Day Trip to CA

Hugh Huffman emailed me this last week. Hope you enjoy!

Here are some photos from our Mother's Day trip to CA. Hugh L. Huffman, Sr. was my father. I am Hugh L. Huffman, Jr. and am in the photo reading to my grandsons, Jonah (2.5 yrs.) and Aaron ( 4.5 yrs.) Knuth. My wife is Pat and is holding Tamar (9 mos.). Rachel is our daughter and Nathan is her husband. Jonah loves yummy yogurt and Aaron is always seeking to help, in this case with the painting. The Knuths live in Sebastopol, CA; Pat and I are retired and live in Lexington, KY.

I fondly remember the summer reunion where you and your sisters swam with our daughters, Rachel and Emily at the motel pool in Shelbyville. Emily lives in Birmingham, works as an Account Exec for Clinique and is single; she has a horse and two Jack Russell terriers that keep her busy!

Thanks so much for maintaining the blogspot for the family! Give our love to your family! Hugh (& Pat) Huffman

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